— May 18, 2017


So I’m not necessarily someone who partakes in the weekly hashtag events such as “Man/Woman Crush Monday/Wednesday,” or “Throwback Thursday,” that Instagramer’s  self-promote. But my brain, in its infinite (for now, I suppose) creative wisdom, came up with the idea for a weekly, or more realistically, bi-weekly blog event.

I’ve wanted to branch out in my reading for a while now, and include more ‘classical,’ works in my library. So I thought, why not come up with a relevant post series that will briefly discuss which classic read I’m diving into next. And the Throwback Thursday Read post was born.

EmmaCoverFor this week’s Throwback Thursday book, I have decided on Jane Austen’s Emma. Since I enjoyed Pride & Prejudice (like so many others do), I thought it was time to broaden my Austen horizons. I believe one of Austen’s universal themes is that her characters virtually achieve everything they desire, after some bumps in the road of course. And I could do with a bit of that in my life at present. Not only that but, a strong willed female character, is my kind of protagonist. And judging by the synopsis, that is one component I hope to find in this read.

Anyway, I am setting a goal for myself to have this finished by next Thursday. We shall see if I actually can manage that, considering I’m also working on All The Light We Cannot See. Since I’m mostly in the dark on bookish blogs, I don’t know if such a thing like this has ever been done before. So I apologize if I’m acting like an ignorant fool here, and thinking I actually created something.

Does anyone else do a Throwback Thursday event on their bookish blog? Have you ever read Austen’s Emma? Any non-spoilery opinions you want to share? Let me know, and we can plan to discuss (maybe? if you want?) once I’m finished with it!

Happy reading friends!

~Courtney Lynn

— May 16, 2017


And days later…that’s a wrap! Well for my first Bout of Books Read-a-thon, the overall experience wasn’t bad. Had I not had to go out of town for the little brother’s graduation, I could have probably completed my goal of 3 books.

But with catching up with my family & all the travel time it entailed, I was stuck on page 43 of All The Light We Cannot See. Even so, I am proud of myself for giving this year’s Read-a-thon a shot. And in spite of falling short of my goal, the overall experience was a lot of fun!

Some things I’ll probably try for next time that seemed to work for other people:

  1. Make a schedule & stick to it. I’m a sucker for anyone who gives me attention. So whether it’s my husband, my bestie who lives halfway around the world, or my work buds, I feel like I gave them their usual amounts of attention in exchange for my books. Not that I want to come across as anti-social or self-centered or closed off to any of those people, but I should have probably communicated my intentions to participate in this event and increased my reading time accordingly.
  2. Set a goal and/or TBR ahead of time. Again, I feel like better planning might have made this more of a success. I took the “fly by the seat of my pants,” approach, and because of that I didn’t really read as much as I would have liked to.
  3. Start more communication threads on Twitter/check out more participants blogs. I feel like maybe I should have not been so afraid to converse with people? I was distantly ‘liking,’ and admiring from afar, but not fully engaging. I think next time I’ll push myself harder to make a friend or two. And I think even this component would extend to me taking the time to comment on posts on other posts on their individual blogs. Maybe another goal to set for next time?

And these make seem nit picky. Maybe they are. I know I do tend to be harder on myself than I should be, but I wanted to try and be critical regarding my participation & potentially make some changes, so I can do better next time.

Anyway, without further adieu, see below for my final stats on the Bout of Books 19 Read-a-thon!

Final BoB Stats:

Total Books Finished: 2: The Possessions, which was MEH. And Animal Farm, which was eerily good.

Total Pages Read: 549: When I tallied all of the pages read, I was actually kind of surprised/pleased with this stat.

Total Reading Sprints: 4: 1 post-work, pre-dinner, 2 pre-work, & 1 over lunch break…I think next time I will aim for more, which might lead to be a more successful overall reading goal.

Total BoB Tweets: 35Which is pretty good! But next time, I might add “# of bloggers following,” or “#’s of tweeting replies,” to force myself to make friends/be more social. 

So, how did everyone else do this time around? Did you make and/or meet any of your BoB goals? Or does anyone have any advice to make this newbie’s experience better next time around? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Happy Reading Friends!

~Courtney Lynn

— May 13, 2017


Day Five was a disaster because of unplanned wine drinking, & much needed packing for my weekend out of state. So fair warning that this post is full of far less witty commentary than usual, and pure (poor) stats.

But today & tomorrow are another day, so happy reading all!

Day Five:

Books Finished: 1

Pages Read: 30 pages (yikes!)

Reading Sprints: 1, pre-work 45 minute reading session

BoB Tweets: 4

— May 12, 2017


Short post ahead because I only did OK with my reading yesterday. But, I did decide upon at least 2 books that I intend to finish by next Sunday. So yay for small goals, right?

Anyway, I started both books in the hopes that it would help both with my reading count for BoB and for my Goodreads Challenge (I’m so behind on that one it’s almost embarrassing). But anyway, I’ve opted for All The Light We Cannot See, a favorite among the readers in my family, and Animal Farm, a classic Orwellian novel that satirizes a dark period of human history. Both deal with one of my favorite subjects in a novel: history.  So needless to say, the nerd in me is excited for this weekend.

I read only a handful of pages of All the Light We Cannot See, nothing to do with the novel itself per se, but more so because of my anxiety and fear of whether or not I will be able to complete it. So I simultaneously picked up a shorter, and what I had hoped would be a faster read: Animal Farm. And so far, I feel confident that I will finish this one, maybe even tonight (yay! *thinks positive thoughts*).

And who knows? Maybe I will even add another read to my list? I’m not sure yet, but we shall see how late I can stay awake, and how I progress with my current two. Also, if I put off packing for my trip until later, maybe I’ll be more likely to stay awake longer to get that done? Says the reading junkie. *insert smirking emoji here*

Anyway, check the stats below & happy reading to my BoB-er’s! Good luck on Day Five everyone!

Day Four:

Books Finished: 1

Pages Read: 89

Reading Sprints: 0

BoB Tweets: 5

— May 11, 2017


I am pleased to announce that I feel like I am finally making progress with my newly established goal this read-a-thon, of reading 3 books! Anyone who knows me, knows that that is a pretty big deal honestly because I typically take a week to read a single book. So why wouldn’t I try to triple what I normally do?

Plus, I have a long weekend with a medium length road trip ahead, where I don’t (fingers crossed) have to drive. So I’m sure I will get some serious reading done then!

Anyway, because I finished a book yesterday, this post will probably be a little bit longer. A review of my latest finish will be beneath the cut. But if you don’t wish me to go on a rant about The Possessions, feel free to just check my reading stats below. I made some additions since this is a middle of the week update. Enjoy & happy reading my Bout of Booker Friends! (Seriously, we can be friends if you want? I’m a friendly person. =))

Day Three:

Books Finished: 1

Pages Read: 111 (whoop whoop, I broke 100!)

Reading Sprints: 1 pre-work sprint w/my coffee in hand

BoB Tweets: 8

Total Pages Read: 247

Total Reading Sprints: 2

Total BoB Tweets: 23

Continue reading

— May 10, 2017


Ok so, Day Two of my Bout of Books wasn’t much better than my Day One. I forgot my book at home due to a late wake up time from a mild bout of insomnia the previous night. So…no reading sprints took place during my usual lunch hour, and I was unable to finish my first book as planned.

*covers face with both hands* I know, I know. I’m supposed to be breezing through books & challenging myself to read more. But my body was working against me a bit. Also, my darling best friend who lives half a world away. Yes, she literally does live half a world away from me in Belgium, needed a reader for her thesis. So yeah. I volunteered because I’m all about helping my friends. So technically I did read 30 pages of an unpublished work (that’s actually going to turn out into a pretty cool published one sometime soon) prior to diving back into my first novel.

Also, I did make some pleasing (for the most part, I think) aesthetic changes to my blog so that’s kind of exciting? Yes? Anyway, below are my measly Day Two stats. Here’s to hoping I get more traction on Day Three!

Day Two:

Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 76 pages (still more than my Day 1…yaya *claps hands & does a happy dance*)

Reading Sprints: 0-because I’m a dingus.

Bout of Books Tweets: 4

Anyway, I’m off to read to hopefully make some real progress for Day Three!

Happy Reading All!

~Courtney Lynn

— May 9, 2017


In my never ending quest to become a better (“more dedicated” reader), I decided to participate in this year’s Bout of Books week long read-a-thon. So far, it has been a really cool experience. And if it’s already cool following ‘Day One,’ it can only continue to get cooler, right? (Wow Lynn, your overuse of the word ‘cool,’ probably makes you sound like a total dweeb, yes?)

For those of you out there who…somehow still manage to put up with, I mean…erm… follow this blog, and who might not know what Bout of Books is, it’s a week long reading session that’s meant to be totally low key & chill. And thank goodness it is!

I don’t know about you other readers out there, but when I think about some of the other read-a-thon’s out there and the timeline’s they put in place to get your reading done, my anxiety kicks into high gear. The thought of having to plow through multiple books in a 24 hour period while competing in challenges and participating online, is enough to make my head spin. I’ve tried to do too many things, and as a result, the whole experience is lost on me. But I’m beginning to see that Bout of Books differs than other read-a-thon’s, and for that I welcome the more chill experience. (Especially with all the stresses I’m feeling at work this week).

Also, I’m slower than the tortoise in The Tortoise in the Hare when it comes to completing books. So this drawn out, week experience is more my speed.Bout of Books

Anyway, there’s way more information about Bout of Books on their site. So click the adorable button to the right to learn more! Seriously, you should consider joining the next one! I feel like I will! 🙂

Ok, so enough gushing already. Let’s talk about my basic reading stats so far. And try not to judge me too hard because they are pretty basic.

Day One:

Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 60 pages

Reading Sprints: One 45 minute sprint during my lunch break & one 30 minute one post-work & pre-dinner.

Bout of Books Tweets: 11

I don’t know if there are any additional ‘stats,’ I need to include, but I’m sure the format might change as the week progresses. Feel free to catch me on twitter (@ceelynnread) for ‘live lynn,’ updates. Come on, you know you want to. 😉

Any other Bout of Bookers out there have some advice for this newbie? Hopefully I got all the info right, and did this read-a-thon some justice!

Happy Reading Friends!

~Courtney Lynn

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