In my never ending quest to become a better (“more dedicated” reader), I decided to participate in this year’s Bout of Books week long read-a-thon. So far, it has been a really cool experience. And if it’s already cool following ‘Day One,’ it can only continue to get cooler, right? (Wow Lynn, your overuse of the word ‘cool,’ probably makes you sound like a total dweeb, yes?)

For those of you out there who…somehow still manage to put up with, I mean…erm… follow this blog, and who might not know what Bout of Books is, it’s a week long reading session that’s meant to be totally low key & chill. And thank goodness it is!

I don’t know about you other readers out there, but when I think about some of the other read-a-thon’s out there and the timeline’s they put in place to get your reading done, my anxiety kicks into high gear. The thought of having to plow through multiple books in a 24 hour period while competing in challenges and participating online, is enough to make my head spin. I’ve tried to do too many things, and as a result, the whole experience is lost on me. But I’m beginning to see that Bout of Books differs than other read-a-thon’s, and for that I welcome the more chill experience. (Especially with all the stresses I’m feeling at work this week).

Also, I’m slower than the tortoise in The Tortoise in the Hare when it comes to completing books. So this drawn out, week experience is more my speed.Bout of Books

Anyway, there’s way more information about Bout of Books on their site. So click the adorable button to the right to learn more! Seriously, you should consider joining the next one! I feel like I will! 🙂

Ok, so enough gushing already. Let’s talk about my basic reading stats so far. And try not to judge me too hard because they are pretty basic.

Day One:

Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 60 pages

Reading Sprints: One 45 minute sprint during my lunch break & one 30 minute one post-work & pre-dinner.

Bout of Books Tweets: 11

I don’t know if there are any additional ‘stats,’ I need to include, but I’m sure the format might change as the week progresses. Feel free to catch me on twitter (@ceelynnread) for ‘live lynn,’ updates. Come on, you know you want to. 😉

Any other Bout of Bookers out there have some advice for this newbie? Hopefully I got all the info right, and did this read-a-thon some justice!

Happy Reading Friends!

~Courtney Lynn