Ok so, Day Two of my Bout of Books wasn’t much better than my Day One. I forgot my book at home due to a late wake up time from a mild bout of insomnia the previous night. So…no reading sprints took place during my usual lunch hour, and I was unable to finish my first book as planned.

*covers face with both hands* I know, I know. I’m supposed to be breezing through books & challenging myself to read more. But my body was working against me a bit. Also, my darling best friend who lives half a world away. Yes, she literally does live half a world away from me in Belgium, needed a reader for her thesis. So yeah. I volunteered because I’m all about helping my friends. So technically I did read 30 pages of an unpublished work (that’s actually going to turn out into a pretty cool published one sometime soon) prior to diving back into my first novel.

Also, I did make some pleasing (for the most part, I think) aesthetic changes to my blog so that’s kind of exciting? Yes? Anyway, below are my measly Day Two stats. Here’s to hoping I get more traction on Day Three!

Day Two:

Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 76 pages (still more than my Day 1…yaya *claps hands & does a happy dance*)

Reading Sprints: 0-because I’m a dingus.

Bout of Books Tweets: 4

Anyway, I’m off to read to hopefully make some real progress for Day Three!

Happy Reading All!

~Courtney Lynn