I am pleased to announce that I feel like I am finally making progress with my newly established goal this read-a-thon, of reading 3 books! Anyone who knows me, knows that that is a pretty big deal honestly because I typically take a week to read a single book. So why wouldn’t I try to triple what I normally do?

Plus, I have a long weekend with a medium length road trip ahead, where I don’t (fingers crossed) have to drive. So I’m sure I will get some serious reading done then!

Anyway, because I finished a book yesterday, this post will probably be a little bit longer. A review of my latest finish will be beneath the cut. But if you don’t wish me to go on a rant about The Possessions, feel free to just check my reading stats below. I made some additions since this is a middle of the week update. Enjoy & happy reading my Bout of Booker Friends! (Seriously, we can be friends if you want? I’m a friendly person. =))

Day Three:

Books Finished: 1

Pages Read: 111 (whoop whoop, I broke 100!)

Reading Sprints: 1 pre-work sprint w/my coffee in hand

BoB Tweets: 8

Total Pages Read: 247

Total Reading Sprints: 2

Total BoB Tweets: 23

Title: The Possessions

Author: Sara Flannery Murphy

It lives on my shelf because…: It was a Book of the Month pick for me (from forever ago, I know!), and I thought that the premise was extremely interesting/something I would usually read.

Plot Analysis: The premise of this is absolutely intriguing. I was all hyped up to read a suspenseful, psychological thriller of how one woman becomes possessed by her lover’s dead wife and how she either escapes or gives into said lover’s wife. And in a way, the plots delivers us this, but not in a fast paced thriller way that makes us want to race to the finish line. It’s more like a steady marathon that makes you feel relieved when its all over. With a premise as juicy as the one printed on the cover sleeve, you except major twists and turns to the plot, and for the author to keep you guessing until the end. While The Possessions does give the desired twists and turns within the plot and does keep you guessing, the end results are a bit of a let down.

It’s like in movies when the best part is the theatrical trailer. In this novel, it’s the cover synopsis.

Characters: Edie’s character was super annoying. Yes, she suffers from mental disorders, but the entire approach in crafting this was just inaccurate, and played into all types of stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. Her obsession to Patrick felt a lot like a Fifty Shades of Grey relationship, but without the smut. I really just didn’t care if they ended up together in the end. Ana and Dora were honestly the most interesting characters, and of course their scenes were cut (most likely for more Edie x Patrick nonsense). And the major “villain,” showed up a total of 3 times, and then just conveniently disappeared in the end. Then the super obnoxious, domestic couple who were just stock characters who served some purpose to the plot, but I really just didn’t care about them or understand their motivations for a lot of the story.

Writing Style: This was this novels saving grace honestly. The writing was extremely vivid, and the metaphors were lovely or haunting at times. I felt Sara Flannery Murphy definitely has a penchant for words. It’s what kept me going throughout all 352 pages.

Recommendations: I don’t think I would, sadly. You never go into a book wanting to say this, but it does happen.

Star Rating: ★ ★