Short post ahead because I only did OK with my reading yesterday. But, I did decide upon at least 2 books that I intend to finish by next Sunday. So yay for small goals, right?

Anyway, I started both books in the hopes that it would help both with my reading count for BoB and for my Goodreads Challenge (I’m so behind on that one it’s almost embarrassing). But anyway, I’ve opted for All The Light We Cannot See, a favorite among the readers in my family, and Animal Farm, a classic Orwellian novel that satirizes a dark period of human history. Both deal with one of my favorite subjects in a novel: history.  So needless to say, the nerd in me is excited for this weekend.

I read only a handful of pages of All the Light We Cannot See, nothing to do with the novel itself per se, but more so because of my anxiety and fear of whether or not I will be able to complete it. So I simultaneously picked up a shorter, and what I had hoped would be a faster read: Animal Farm. And so far, I feel confident that I will finish this one, maybe even tonight (yay! *thinks positive thoughts*).

And who knows? Maybe I will even add another read to my list? I’m not sure yet, but we shall see how late I can stay awake, and how I progress with my current two. Also, if I put off packing for my trip until later, maybe I’ll be more likely to stay awake longer to get that done? Says the reading junkie. *insert smirking emoji here*

Anyway, check the stats below & happy reading to my BoB-er’s! Good luck on Day Five everyone!

Day Four:

Books Finished: 1

Pages Read: 89

Reading Sprints: 0

BoB Tweets: 5