And days later…that’s a wrap! Well for my first Bout of Books Read-a-thon, the overall experience wasn’t bad. Had I not had to go out of town for the little brother’s graduation, I could have probably completed my goal of 3 books.

But with catching up with my family & all the travel time it entailed, I was stuck on page 43 of All The Light We Cannot See. Even so, I am proud of myself for giving this year’s Read-a-thon a shot. And in spite of falling short of my goal, the overall experience was a lot of fun!

Some things I’ll probably try for next time that seemed to work for other people:

  1. Make a schedule & stick to it. I’m a sucker for anyone who gives me attention. So whether it’s my husband, my bestie who lives halfway around the world, or my work buds, I feel like I gave them their usual amounts of attention in exchange for my books. Not that I want to come across as anti-social or self-centered or closed off to any of those people, but I should have probably communicated my intentions to participate in this event and increased my reading time accordingly.
  2. Set a goal and/or TBR ahead of time. Again, I feel like better planning might have made this more of a success. I took the “fly by the seat of my pants,” approach, and because of that I didn’t really read as much as I would have liked to.
  3. Start more communication threads on Twitter/check out more participants blogs. I feel like maybe I should have not been so afraid to converse with people? I was distantly ‘liking,’ and admiring from afar, but not fully engaging. I think next time I’ll push myself harder to make a friend or two. And I think even this component would extend to me taking the time to comment on posts on other posts on their individual blogs. Maybe another goal to set for next time?

And these make seem nit picky. Maybe they are. I know I do tend to be harder on myself than I should be, but I wanted to try and be critical regarding my participation & potentially make some changes, so I can do better next time.

Anyway, without further adieu, see below for my final stats on the Bout of Books 19 Read-a-thon!

Final BoB Stats:

Total Books Finished: 2: The Possessions, which was MEH. And Animal Farm, which was eerily good.

Total Pages Read: 549: When I tallied all of the pages read, I was actually kind of surprised/pleased with this stat.

Total Reading Sprints: 4: 1 post-work, pre-dinner, 2 pre-work, & 1 over lunch break…I think next time I will aim for more, which might lead to be a more successful overall reading goal.

Total BoB Tweets: 35Which is pretty good! But next time, I might add “# of bloggers following,” or “#’s of tweeting replies,” to force myself to make friends/be more social. 

So, how did everyone else do this time around? Did you make and/or meet any of your BoB goals? Or does anyone have any advice to make this newbie’s experience better next time around? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Happy Reading Friends!

~Courtney Lynn