So I’m not necessarily someone who partakes in the weekly hashtag events such as “Man/Woman Crush Monday/Wednesday,” or “Throwback Thursday,” that Instagramer’s  self-promote. But my brain, in its infinite (for now, I suppose) creative wisdom, came up with the idea for a weekly, or more realistically, bi-weekly blog event.

I’ve wanted to branch out in my reading for a while now, and include more ‘classical,’ works in my library. So I thought, why not come up with a relevant post series that will briefly discuss which classic read I’m diving into next. And the Throwback Thursday Read post was born.

EmmaCoverFor this week’s Throwback Thursday book, I have decided on Jane Austen’s Emma. Since I enjoyed Pride & Prejudice (like so many others do), I thought it was time to broaden my Austen horizons. I believe one of Austen’s universal themes is that her characters virtually achieve everything they desire, after some bumps in the road of course. And I could do with a bit of that in my life at present. Not only that but, a strong willed female character, is my kind of protagonist. And judging by the synopsis, that is one component I hope to find in this read.

Anyway, I am setting a goal for myself to have this finished by next Thursday. We shall see if I actually can manage that, considering I’m also working on All The Light We Cannot See. Since I’m mostly in the dark on bookish blogs, I don’t know if such a thing like this has ever been done before. So I apologize if I’m acting like an ignorant fool here, and thinking I actually created something.

Does anyone else do a Throwback Thursday event on their bookish blog? Have you ever read Austen’s Emma? Any non-spoilery opinions you want to share? Let me know, and we can plan to discuss (maybe? if you want?) once I’m finished with it!

Happy reading friends!

~Courtney Lynn